We’ve all been there… that perfect shoe that no longer fits so perfectly. If you’ve ever owned a slip-on shoe, anything from heels to flats, then you understand the frustration of keeping it on, because every third step you take causes your foot to pop out of the heel. Here at STRAPLETTO, we have tested various types of shoe insoles, heel liners, rub relief strips, and ball of foot cushions for high heels produced by major brands, but none of them have done the job.

This is why STRAPLETTO was developed by a team that loves shoes. A design patented heel liner with an attached loop and a sexy, skinny strap to help keep your shoes on because “secured shoes continue the journey.”




Brings style to any loose fitting shoes by Peel, Stick, and Strap

Made of soft PU material, this innovative product will transform your unwearable, loose, strapless shoe into a secured, sexy, and chic strappy shoe.

STRAPLETTO will add new life to the shoes you’ve bought while ensuring they fit you perfectly.

Frequently Asked Question

What is STRAPLETTO used for?
STRAPLETTO incorporates style into loose fitting shoes with a pair of sexy, skinny straps, by securing your feet from slipping in and out of your shoes while walking.

How do you attach STRAPLETTO?
First, remove the adhesive backing. Then, align and firmly press the adhesive pad to the inner heel for 10 seconds. Finally, insert the strap through the loops. Recommend to let the adhesive strengthen the bond to the inner heel for few hours before wearing the shoes.

Can the same STRAPLETTO™ be used on different shoes?
Each STRAPLETTO™  is not made to be switched from shoe to shoe. The strong permanent adhesive bond will assure your feet to stay securely inside of your shoe.

How do I select my correct size?
STRAPLETTO is made with a one-size pad and strap. It fits all shoe sizes.

What is the length of the straps?
The straps are measured at 12 inches long with five holes to adjust the fit of your ankle.

What colors are available?
Matte Black and Patent Nude are the two most popular colors. However, more colors and varieties are coming soon.

This can happen to you: (My Personal Story) Back in 2009, my friends and I headed to Las Vegas for a girl’s weekend. It was a day full of sun, lounging by the pool, laughter, and just girls being girls at the beautiful Wynn Hotel. As night fell, it was time to doll ourselves up for a memorable night. We put on our finest dresses, flawless makeup, and sexy heels, ready for a night on the town. As the elevator opened, we were ready for our grand catwalk through the casino. Eyes were on us, as people were bumping into each other. Girlfriends and wives slapped their partners as we walked by. It couldn’t get any better than this until… THE SLIPPAGE.

My left foot slipped out of my shoe, and I fell down, taking four girls with me to the ground. It was a moment I wish I could erase, but instead I was on a mission to solve a problem and developed STRAPLETTO the following year for all of my girlfriends. After many years perfecting STRAPLETTO, I am excited to have it available for you as well.

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