Brings style to any loose fitting shoes by Peel, Stick, and Strap

STRAPLETTO™ will add new life to the shoes you’ve bought while ensuring they fit you perfectly. Made of soft PU material, this innovative product will transform your unwearable, loose, strapless shoe into a secured, sexy, and chic strappy shoe.

Matte Black and Patent Nude are the two most popular colors. However, more colors and varieties are coming soon.

*Shoes not included

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We’ve all been there… that perfect shoe that no longer fits so perfectly. If you’ve ever owned a slip-on shoe, anything from heels to flats, then you understand the frustration of keeping it on, because every third step you take causes your foot to pop out of the heel. Here at STRAPLETTO™ we have tested various types of shoe insoles, heel liners, rub relief strips, and ball of foot cushions for high heels produced by major brands, but none of them have done the job.

This is why STRAPLETTO™ was developed by a team that loves shoes. A design patented heel liner with an attached loop and a sexy, skinny strap to help keep your shoes on because “secured shoes continue the journey.”

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4 in

Black, Nude